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  • Pest Control Rocky Mount Nc

    Pest Control Rocky Mount Nc

    Pest control Rocky Mount NC is here to help with all of your pest needs! Whether you have mice, rats or roaches in your home or business, we can handle it all. Our experienced team of exterminators has over 30 years of combined experience in dealing with all kinds of pests in homes and businesses […]

  • Bugs That Look Like Sesame Seeds

    Bugs That Look Like Sesame Seeds

    Sesame seed-looking bugs on clothes and pantry items are a common sight, but they’re actually fairly easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. First, let’s look at the three most common culprits: book lice, sesame seed beetles, and spider beetles. Then we’ll explain how best to prevent them from getting into your […]

  • Ant Control Myrtle Beach

    Ant Control Myrtle Beach

    Ants are one of the most common household pests. They can be a real bother both inside and outside your home. Ants are social insects that live in colonies with one queen and many workers, making them much more devastating than other insects. When you have a problem with ants, there are many ways to […]

  • Are Bugs Attracted To Red Light

    Are Bugs Attracted To Red Light

    Bugs are attracted to light. But why? And which color is the most attractive? We’ll answer these questions and more in our guide to why bugs are attracted to light. Yes, they are. You’re not imagining it: bugs are indeed attracted to red light, and there are a few good reasons why. First of all, […]

  • Exterminator Hickory Nc

    Exterminator Hickory Nc

    If you’re looking for a local exterminator in Hickory NC, look no further. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your home and property are safe from pests and other unwanted critters. We have been providing quality extermination services for the residents of Hickory, North Carolina for over 50 years! Exterminator Hickory […]

  • Fletcher Pest Control

    Fletcher Pest Control

    At Fletcher Pest Control, we only use the safest and most effective pest control products. Our highly trained technicians are always on time, friendly and respectful to you, your home, your family and your pets. We’ll take care of everything from bed bugs to ants! We service both residential and commercial properties We offer a […]

  • Black Mountain Pest Control

    Black Mountain Pest Control

    Pest control services are essential for the safety of your home and family. That’s why Black Mountain Pest Control is here to provide you with fast, friendly and reliable service. We specialize in eliminating a wide variety of common household pests including: Protect your home and family from pests with pest control services from Black […]

  • Commercial Pest Control Myrtle Beach

    Commercial Pest Control Myrtle Beach

    Pest control is something that people in Myrtle Beach never thought they’d need to worry about. After all, who would want to live in a city where there were bugs and rodents running around? But when these pests get out of hand, it’s time to call in the professionals who know how to best deal […]

  • Rocky Mount Pest Control

    Rocky Mount Pest Control

    At ServiceMaster by Harry, we’re here to provide Rocky Mount, NC with the best service when it comes to indoor and outdoor pest control. We understand that pests can be a major problem for many businesses around Rocky Mount and know how important it is for you to have them removed from your property as […]

  • Light Bulbs That Don T Attract Bugs

    Light Bulbs That Don T Attract Bugs

    Bugs are a fact of life, but we all want to prevent them from interfering with our indoor spaces. One of the best ways to do this is by using LED lights. Not only do they provide plenty of brightness without generating much heat, but they also don’t attract insects like regular bulbs can! In […]

  • Asheville Best Control

    Asheville Best Control

    Asheville Best Control is a professional pest control company that serves the Asheville area. We are licensed in your city to provide short-term solutions to get rid of mice and rats as well as other pests. Our team of experts has years of experience in this industry and they use the latest technology along with […]

  • Do Roaches Shed

    Do Roaches Shed

    Cockroaches are generally considered a nuisance, but did you know that they also shed? Yes, cockroaches do shed. However, this term doesn’t mean the same as it does for humans or other mammals like dogs and cats: roaches don’t lose their hair and skin when they molt—but instead only their outer exoskeleton or shell that […]

  • Johnson City Pest Control

    Johnson City Pest Control

    If you live in Johnson City, TN and are looking for the best pest control, then look no further! Our team of experts at Terminix is here to help. We have been providing residential and commercial pest control services for over 75 years, which means we are the experts on all things bugs. When you […]

  • Pest Control Chimney

    Pest Control Chimney

    Chimneys are major entry points for pests to enter homes. If you notice any pest infestation in your chimney, it is essential that you hire a professional to assist with the removal of all pests and their eggs from your property. Pest Control in Chimney Pests can be dangerous to your health. Pests can cause […]

  • Hospitality Exterminator

    Hospitality Exterminator

    If you own or manage a hotel or other hospitality property, it’s important to keep your guests, staff and property safe from pests. The best way to do that is to hire a dedicated hospitality exterminator who can handle all of your pest control needs, including bed bugs and rodents. A professional exterminator will know […]

  • Dust Mite Exterminator

    Dust Mite Exterminator

    Dust mites are microscopic parasites that feed off human skin cells. Dust mites live in bedding, upholstered furniture, carpeting and curtains. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI), dust mites produce 10 to 20 fecal pellets and shed skins each day. The AAAAI says dust mite allergens are one of the […]

  • Fox Pest Control Online Payment

    Fox Pest Control Online Payment We make paying your bill easy. Simply enter your account information and payment amount in the fields below and click the Make Payment button.*Note: The form may require several seconds to submit after clicking Make Payment. Please do not hit the button again or refresh We make paying your bill easy. Simply enter your […]

  • Asheville Pest Control

    Asheville Pest Control

    Pests can invade your home at any time of year and in any region of the country. While the most common pests are known for their ability to make a mess, they also bring disease and food safety concerns if not treated promptly. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most common […]

  • Do Rodents Eat Insects

    Do Rodents Eat Insects

    Rodents are well-known for eating everything from grains to vegetables, but you may be surprised to learn that they have been known to eat insects as well. Mice and rats will often eat the insects that invade their homes just as humans do, and some animals even go so far as to seek out insects […]

  • Commercial Pest Control North Myrtle Beach

    Commercial Pest Control North Myrtle Beach

    If you run a business in North Myrtle Beach, SC, you know how to keep things running smoothly. However, did you know that pests like mosquitoes, roaches, and other unwelcome visitors can take over your business any time of the year? In fact, pests can be twice as bad during the winter months when it […]

  • Bee And Mosquito Repellent

    Bee And Mosquito Repellent

    Bees are dangerous because of allergies and mosquito bites itch. There are plants you can grow to keep them away from your house. Bees and Mosquitoes are a problem. Bees and mosquitoes are pests. They’re dangerous because they can cause allergies, and they’re annoying because they bite. That’s why it’s important to keep them away […]

  • Round Roach

    Round Roach

    Round roach is a well-known pest that can be found in sewer systems and outside homes. They are considered pests because they often feed on food that people have left out, but don’t pose any real health threats. Their eggs live in water, though it takes them about 10 days for those eggs to hatch […]

  • Leesburg Pest Control

    Leesburg Pest Control

    If you’re looking for pest control in Leesburg, VA, look no further than Ehrlich Pest Control. We have over 100 years of experience helping homeowners like you get rid of pests and rodents from their homes. Ehrlich specialists in Leesburg, VA, are local experts in the pest control and animal services you need to keep […]

  • Centipede Or Silverfish

    Centipede Or Silverfish

    There are a lot of creepy crawlies in the world that humans wish they’d never encountered. Some people have a fear of spiders, but those arachnids are nowhere near the top of the list for many folks. Instead, plenty of people are terrified of insects like centipedes and silverfish, which look like something out of […]

  • Does Baking Soda Attract Bugs

    Does Baking Soda Attract Bugs

    It’s no secret that baking soda has a number of uses around the home. From keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh to its ability to clean just about anything, baking soda is one of the most versatile products out there. But did you know it can also be used to repel pests from your house? If […]

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