Commercial Pest Control Myrtle Beach

Pest control is something that people in Myrtle Beach never thought they’d need to worry about. After all, who would want to live in a city where there were bugs and rodents running around? But when these pests get out of hand, it’s time to call in the professionals who know how to best deal with them. The staff at Quality Pest Control Services has been helping people with their pest problems since 2001 and we can help you too!

Quality Pest Control Services.

We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Residential pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Termite inspections and treatments

Customized to Your Needs.

We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We understand that each project is unique, which is why we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for you and your business.

The Right Pests for the Job.

If you are experiencing a pest problem, we can help. We deal with all types of pests and provide you with detailed reports.

This means that if your problem is a specific type of bug, we will provide you with information on the exact species causing the issue. In addition, if there are multiple pests in your home or business, we provide full details regarding each one (including photos).

Professional and Reliable Service.

At Pest Control Myrtle Beach, we are a professional pest control company with a good track record and reputation. We can be relied on to provide reliable service for your home or business. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and certified, so you can trust that they will do the job right.

If you have an insect problem in your Myrtle Beach area home or office building, we encourage you to call us today at 888-558-0002 .

Environmentally Friendly Methods.

  • No toxic pesticides.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • No extermination of wildlife.
  • No use of traps or glue boards to capture pests, since these can harm the animals and cause them to die a slow death by starvation or dehydration.
  • No use of poisons either, which are considered harmful to humans and other animals as well as the environment when they are improperly disposed of in landfills or rivers or streams after being used in our homes, offices and businesses where they may contaminate groundwater supplies with chemicals that are toxic to both humans and animals alike when ingested at high levels over long periods (i.e., years) due to exposure through drinking water sources contaminated by these toxins during rainfall events occurring after an application has been made outdoors near residential areas where rainwater runoff carries contaminants such as herbicides

Around the Clock Availability.

  • Around the Clock Availability. 24/7 service is a fact of life in Myrtle Beach, and our company offers emergency services as well as after hours pest control. You won’t be charged extra for these services, either!
  • No Extra Charge For Emergency Services. When it comes to pests and other problems that can’t wait until regular business hours, you don’t have to pay extra for our technicians’ time; they’ll work when you need them to—and charge you no more than our normal hourly rate for their work!

Flexible Scheduling.

We can come out to your home at any time. We are able to work on weekends and holidays, allowing you and your family time to spend together without worrying about pests. No matter what the situation is, we will be able to help you get rid of them!

Professional and Courteous Staff.

Our staff is trained and certified to handle any pest control issue. Our friendly, approachable technicians are available 24/7 for all your needs. You can count on us to have the answers you need or the help you require. We’re here to get rid of pests quickly while making sure you are satisfied with our services at all times.

The best part? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So call today and let us help eliminate your pest problem once and for all!

No Hidden Fees or Charges.

We believe in keeping our customers happy, so we don’t charge any hidden fees or charges. You only pay for the services that you need, and nothing more.

We can help control your pest problems

As a Myrtle Beach resident, you probably know that pests are more than a nuisance. They can be costly to your wallet and cause health problems for your family. If you have a pest problem, contact us today! We have been in business for many years, and our experienced staff will be able to provide you with the best possible solution to any of your pest problems. We’re also affordable and trustworthy, so don’t hesitate to reach out if something needs to be done right away!


With our pest control services, you can be sure that your home and business will be free from pests. We have been servicing the Myrtle Beach area for many years and are proud to say that we have thousands of satisfied customers. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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