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Newport News Exterminator is the leading pest control company in Newport News. We provide residential and commercial pest control in Newport News and surrounding areas. If you need an exterminator in Newport News, call us today at 757-245-4565

Exterminators Newport News

An exterminator is a person who removes pests from homes and businesses. They are not the same as pest control companies, who use chemicals and traps to prevent pests from entering homes and businesses.

Exterminators use chemicals or traps to kill pests. Many people confuse these two types of services because they have similar names, but their methodologies are different: Pest control uses traps that catch insects before they enter your home (like moth balls), while exterminators spray chemicals inside your walls to kill them after they’ve already gotten inside.

Pest Control Newport News

At the most basic level, pest control is a process that involves the elimination of pests. There are several levels at which a pest can be controlled; these include physical removal and chemical control methods. When speaking about killing pests in general, it is helpful to understand how to categorize them as either beneficial or harmful. Beneficial insects do not harm humans or their property and actually serve an important role in our environment by pollinating plants and controlling other insect populations. Harmful insects can cause damage both physically and financially by making homes unlivable for humans or causing injury if they are accidentally eaten by pets or children. Some examples of common beneficials include bees, spiders, ladybugs (ladybirds), praying mantis’ (preying mantis’), butterflies/moths, dragonflies/damselflies (damselflies) & beetles (beetles). Examples of more common harmfuls include bed bugs (bedbugs), ants/cockroaches/spiders/fleas etc… For example: If someone comes into contact with an ant then they could become ill if they have allergies but otherwise there isn’t much risk involved.”

Rodent Control Newport News

Rodents are the most common rodents and can cause damage to property, spread diseases, be a fire hazard and food safety risk. Rodent control is important for restaurants and other businesses that rely on the health of their customers. Exterminators in Newport News will help you get rid of rodents so that they do not damage your business or home.

Newport News pest control company.

We are a pest control company in Newport News, VA. We provide rodent control and other exterminating services to the entire state of Virginia.


To learn more about our services, contact us today to speak with one of our exterminators. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a free estimate for any service that you may need.


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